NNIA 2023 Digital Program


Carson City HS Guard
“Between Conversations”
Directors: Nick Jacques, Emma Baglin
Staff: Luis Cabrera


Churchill County HS Guard
“Out Of Wonderland”
Director: C.J. Sibley
Staff: Scott Parker


Damonte Ranch HS Guard
Directors: Christi Blahnik, Daniel Miller, Javier Sosa
Staff: Jane Strawn, Jack Pursifull


Dayton HS Guard
“False Confidence”
Director: Laura Austin


Depoali MS Guard
“Stand by Me”
Director: Daniel Barthel
Staff: Lindsey Horan, Matthew Ortega, Dan Miller


Douglas HS Guard
Directors: Jordan Martz, Mark Porter

Elko HS Guard
“Inner child”
Directors: Emily Johnson, Kristen Gaul


Fernley HS Guard
Director: Amber Vedova
Staff: Stacy Skubinna, Alexis Funcannon


McQueen HS Guard
Director: Nathan Williams
Staff: Geoff  Green, and Gracie Krutz


North Valleys HS Guard
“The Muses”
Director: Greg Canfield
Staff: Amber Hamilton, Saariya Malik


Spanish Springs HS Guard
“Somewhere Only We Know”
Directors: Quinlan Skinner David Morris
Staff: Denelle Padgett, Kyndra Martinez, Jennifer Martin


University of Reno Guard
“The Beat”
Director: Kimberly Hines
Staff: Daniel Miller, Javier Sosa


Carson City HS Percussion
“Rhapsody in Blue”
Director: Nick Jacques
Staff: Margie McWilliams, Emma Brown, Lewis Martin


Damonte Ranch HS Percussion
“Tick Tock Hypnotic”
Directors: Christi Blahnik, Kyle Zive
Staff: Casey Smith, Steve Sperber, Alen Woo, Nathan Tilley, Katherine May, Sierra Applebee


Damonte Ranch HS JV Percussion
“Taiko À La Tom-Tom”
Director: Christi Blahnik
Staff: Kyle Zive, Alen Woo


Depoali MS Percussion
“A Space Mission”
Director: Dan Barthel
Staff: Kyle Zive, Alen Woo, Sierra Applebee


Desert Skies MS Percussion
Director: Timothy Wood
Staff: Steven Potter


McQueen HS Percussion
“In Search of Life”
Director: Nathan Williams
Staff: Colton Weaver, Steven Potter, Jessi Calvo, Timothy Chatwood


Sky Ranch MS Percussion
“Old McDonald Had a Drumline”
Director: Patricia Hudson and Todd Hudson
Staff: Terry Marshall, Emily Hudson, Jeff Shoemaker, Shelly Witherill, Ashley Stockton, Katie Belisle, Logan Mendoza



Edward C. Reed High School Winds
“The Hot Seat”
Director: Ron Eichstedt
Staff: Justin Longroy, Sierra Appleby, JJ Hill, Kayla Thompson, Mia Hibler, Jeffrey Richard, Rezner Weist, Casey Lamb, Hunter Harkleroad

Thank you to all our show hosts and their music boosters for helping us return for the 2022 season: Edward C Reed HS (Ron Eichstedt), Damonte Ranch HS (Christi Blahnik), Depoali MS (Dan Barthel), and Sky Ranch MS (Patti Hudson)! Thank you to our volunteers: Dan Marran & Tim Wood (announcers), Paula & Duane Wyatt (admission), and Aaron Hines (coordinator)! Thank you to our show admin Spencer Hannibal-Smith and Natalia Tomasello! And lastly to all the adjudicators who traveled to our area to provide their expertise and feedback to our ensembles! We look forward to a fantastic 2023!

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