NNIA 2024 Digital Program


Carson City HS Guard
“Last Train Home”
Director: Emma Baglin
Staff: Luis Cabrera, Nick Jacques, Jennifer Simkins


Damonte Ranch HS Guard
Director: Jane Strawn
Staff: Lindsey Horan


Dayton HS Guard
Director: Laura Austin
Staff: Elaine Garcia


Depoali MS Guard
“Somewhere, Somehow”
Director: Daniel Barthel
Staff: Lindsey Horan, Cedar Culley, Lily Houghton


Douglas HS Guard
“Every Season”
Director: Jordan Martz
Staff: Javier Sosa, Skyy Warner

Elko HS Guard
“From Elko with Love”
Directors: Emily Johnson & Kristen Gaul


Fernley HS Guard
“Beetlejuice On Broadway”
Director: Melissa Juceam
Staff: Sherry Cathal, True Brabant


McQueen HS Guard
Director: Nathan Williams
Staff: Geoff  Green, Gracie Krutz, Sequoyah Pollard


North Valleys HS Guard
“Legend of the North Sea”
Director: Tamara Frazier
Staff: Chevelle Moore, Amber Hamilton, Saariya Malik


Spanish Springs HS Guard
“The Art of Persuasion”
Directors: Denelle Padgett, Greg Canfield
Staff: Kyndra Martinez


University of Reno Guard
“The Fugitive”
Director: Kimberly Hines
Staff: Javier Sosa


Yvonne Shaw MS Guard
“La Mer”
Director: Denelle Padgett
Staff: Kyndra Martinez


Carson City HS Percussion
“Viaje a Andalucia!”
Director: Nick Jacques
Staff: Margie McWilliams, Chris Reichhold, Emma Brown, Jonah Toral, Ash Fajayan


Damonte Ranch HS Percussion
Directors: Kyle Zive, Jeremy Strawn
Staff: Sierra Appleby, Noah Kitchingman, Ben Calvo, Jonathan Hickox-Young


Depoali MS Percussion
“Begin Transmission”
Director: Dan Barthel

Fernley HS Percussion
“Elements of Romance”
Director: Melissa Juceam


Galena HS Percussion
“Search: Scanning the Skies”
Director: Jason Smith
Staff: May Hill, Emily Wischer


McQueen HS Percussion
Director: Nathan Williams
Staff: Steven Potter, Colton Weaver


North Valleys HS Percussion
“Groovin’ through Life”
Director: Tamara Frazier
Staff: Colton Weaver, Madison Barnett

Rhythm Armada
“Road To Valhalla”
Director: Frank Mastropaolo
Staff: Joaquin Gomez, Lucy Beverlin, Ethan Phillips, Jake McMillan, Taylor King, Josh Chastain


Sky Ranch MS Percussion
“Peter and the Wolf—-Pack!”
Directors: Patricia Hudson, Todd Hudson, Emily Hudson
Staff: Ian Sturtz, Evander Cameron, Ashley Stockton, Katie Belisle


Spanish Springs HS Percussion
“Back to the Future”
Directors: Bob Baxter, Greg Canfield
Staff: Andrew Tourin


Swope MS Percussion
“Batterie & the Escape Artist”
Director: Tim Wood



Edward C. Reed High School Winds
“Chutes and Ladders”
Director: Ron Eichstedt
Staff: Justin Longroy, Sierra Appleby, Steven Sperber, Jeffrey Richard, Casey Lamb, Kayla Thompson