2012 Program Announcement

eNV_Dayton 2011

eNVision is excited to announce its 2012 production entitled: “eNVision Your Life.”

The WGI A and Concert-class fan-favorite brings you another compelling dramatic production for 2012 – and this one hits very close to home.  As artists, we always seem to be struggling for legitimacy and support.  We’re often faced with the prospect of losing the means to express ourselves. eNVision just succeeded in securing equipment and funding to exist another year and they are celebrating their victory by portraying the stages of life in their 2012 show.  Each member was part of the drive that allowed the 2012 season to be a reality, and each member wants to celebrate what it means to be alive; to get through the daily grind, to make choices, to wander a bit.  And most importantly, to find others that share a common passion and make something extraordinary of life – something greater than anyone could ever do alone. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found doing the activity, not finishing it.  Each day is precious, every note could be your last – don’t take any of it for granted.

eNVision will be attending the Ceres regional as well as the WGI World Championship again this year. They are again sponsoring the local Indoor Circuit (NNIA) which will offer four different competitions for color guard and percussion.

eNVision was founded in 2007 and is under the direction of Aaron Hines. Staff includes Daniel Bryan, Kimberly Hines, Daniel Miller, Bobby Seelye, Erica Shultz, Marie Tully, William Velez and Kyle Zive. Clinicians include Michael Cabrera, Evett Cadenas, Dave Glyde, Jaime Holly, Preston Howard, Emily Mavroudis, Adam Pietz, Christopher Pohlman, Dr. David Rickels, Jeremy Strawn and Nick Waters.

eNVision would like to thank Evans, Innovative Percussion, Planet Waves, Sabian, Yamaha, Gary P. Gilroy Publications, Absolute Music and Gerardo Rodriguez Child Neurology for all of their generous support!