Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Casting Auditions for eNVision Ensembles?

For eNVision Indoor (Percussion & Guard), casting workshops will take place in September or October. For Summer eNVision, casting workshops will take place in May or June. Please check the specific ensemble page link for detailed dates and locations.

Where are
Casting Auditions for eNVision Ensembles?

Please check the specific ensemble page link for detailed dates and locations.

What should I do to prepare for the
Casting Auditions?

Please check the specific ensemble page link to view audition material and requirements. Feel free to contact the staff for specific information about auditioning for specific ensembles by CLICKING HERE

Can I be a part of eNVision and in college also?

Absolutely. You are encouraged to have a job or be in school while participating as a performer in eNVision. eNVision rehearsals and performances are usually held on the weekends. Most of our adult performers go to school, work, teach, and still budget their time to be a successful member of eNVision.

Can I be a high school student and be a member of eNVision?

Yes, you may be a high school student and become a member of eNVision. Most of our younger members are successful with academics, extra-curricular, and eNVision. Time management and organization are key to this success.

If you are in a high school guard attending the same WGI events as we are, WGI rules prevent you from performing with both units.

eNVision strongly encourages you to be involved in your high school Indoor Percussion/Guard (unless your current high school program does not have an active Indoor Percussion/Guard). eNVision believes that participation in the local high school programs will help all organizations prosper in the future.

If you're considering joining eNVision, come check the group out and see what it's like to learn and work with other highly-motivated artists! (regardless of ability level)

Can I still teach an ensemble
and be a member of eNVision?

It is our hope that performers from eNVision would have an interest in teaching local groups in the area (and most schools have eNVision members past and present as instructors). Often there are many teaching and clinic opportunities.

How much does it cost?

There is a financial commitment involved to participate in the Percussion & Guard that must be fundraised by each member. Travel and accommodations are expensive for these ensembles, especially those incurred on their Tour to WGI Regionals & World Championships. Tuition is set at the beginning of each season and is collected from each member to help defray these costs. There have been plenty of members who have fundraised their entire tuition and paid nothing out of pocket. Funding shouldn't hold you back from this elite experience.

eNVision will provide a schedule of fundraising deadlines and spreads out the tuition costs over months of time to help any size budget. MANY fundraising opportunities will be provided throughout the year to help all members offset as much of the costs as possible. The more effort you put into the fundraising, the better the results.

Additionally, eNVision offers scholarships for jobs within the ensemble. eNVision does everything possible to manage expenses to keep costs as low as possible.

What other expenses do we have throughout the year?

Expenses like an eNVision jacket (app. $100), tape, specific uniform parts (guard gloves and footwear), and any shoes (app. $50) needed for your performance are not included in tuition. You will be responsible for some meals while traveling (while some meals will be provided).

Do you provide housing?

eNVision can provide housing during rehearsal/camp weekends if needed. This will usually be with another eNVision member who lives locally.

What is the rehearsal and performance schedule for the season?

Please check the specific ensemble page for a detailed schedule.

In conclusion:
Once you become a part of eNVision, you will realize all members involved make many sacrifices. One is the sacrifice of time, though our members consider it an investment of time, rather than a sacrifice. Attendance at rehearsals/performances is mandatory. Even when our members teach other groups, they must understand and respect his/her commitment to be a performer in eNVision. School related activities with proper notice that are a part of the grade for the class have been excused in the past. Time management of family, school, work, and social schedules are the member's responsibility and need to facilitate attendance at every rehearsal & performance.

If you have any questions about auditions or the organization, please contact us by CLICKING HERE