Equipment & Gently Used Costumes, Uniforms, and Flags

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$70: Shure PG52 Instrument Microphone - High-performance cardioid dynamic kick drum microphone tuned to capture low-end punch.

$20: TSM 411 - The TSM411 is a compact and rugged dynamic microphone designed for high-impact sound sources such as snare, toms, congas, guitar and keyboard amps. The supercardioid pickup pattern rejects unwanted ambient sounds and focuses on the sound source directly in front of it for a cleaner mix.

$30: Assorted mounts and mic clips.



  • 42 Black & Red Sashes
  • 17 White Pants
  • 30 Shako Boxes
  • 25 White Shakos
  • 1 Black Shako



21 Uniform Tops

8 Unitards with Silver Trim

18 Blue & Grey Vests
(4 with holes for bass drum carriers)

Hooded Tops with Purple Trim (half-torso)

10 Black Straight-legged Pants

3 Black Jazz Pants

5 White Vests

9 Blue Vests w/Symbol