"My experience with eNVision was incredible. I still reference it as a turning point in my life, whether I have my trumpet in hand or not. Commitment, discipline, teamwork, focus, compassion, expression and respect are only a few words that describe the pedagogy of this organization. From our first intense rehearsal weekend to our time in Dayton for the Championships, eNVision was a way of life. With trumpet being my primary focus, I was weary at first to give so much time to percussion. College auditions were coming up, and I didn't know if such an intense drumline would just take time out of my playing or if it would add to my musical abilities on trumpet. Luckily I decided to take the plunge and join eNVision, because the knowledge I gleamed from this experience is still with me today as a trumpet major in college. The accuracy, focus and commitment that it takes to play in a drumline have been incredible tools in my wind playing. After my time with the line I felt my mind open up to long hours of practice, extreme control over my mind and body, and a renewed love for collective musical efforts when everyone involved is so passionate about what they do. Once I got to college to study trumpet, I realized the benefits of my percussion background. The rhythmic interpretation and sheer focus I came away with are aspects of my playing that I attribute to my experiences with eNVision, and I am thankful to have been able to be a part of such an incredible organization." - Carrie McCune, University of Denver

"If it wasn't for eNVision, I would have no purpose. I wouldn't have been able to push my talents, and reach new heights I once thought impossible. I never in a million years thought I could be this good at anything. When I got to eNV, I had very small limits. It wasn't until I spent my time with everyone at eNV that I realized the only impossibility that exists was limits themselves, because even now I'm still climbing higher and higher on the endless mountain that is my abilities. I can only eNVision where I will end up and how high I will climb." - Austin Atkin

"eNVision has really changed my perspective on life and how to be grateful for what has been given to me. It makes me want to be a better person." - Kristie Peterson

"eNVision Performing Arts is a great way for talented individuals to express themselves and their passion for the arts in a team environment, and it being in most of our backyards makes it even better. I've had the time of my life because of eNVision. Participating in the organization was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made!" - Brady Sugui

"After moving to Nevada from north Carolina, it was great to have eNVision to meet so many wonderful people. Envision is a great place to make new friends and enhance your musical skills. Being in envision has made it possible for me to become a percussion tech at Reno high school and help the music community of Reno grow." - Grace Power

"eNVision has really changed my life. It has taught me to be more responsible and how to work out problems. If it wasn’t for this amazing group I don’t know where I would be today or what I would be doing.  I love performing and practicing with such a great group; when you have this many kids all working for the same goal together, there is just nothing like it." - Bob Baxter

"I have volunteered for eNVision for two years as a staff member and am proud to be a part of this organization. eNVision brings a unique opportunity to our area that allows youth to learn and perform at a level that they would not have the opportunity to otherwise.

Each season I am filled
with a sense of accomplishment and pride when I see what these young people have accomplished through hours of hard work and discipline, and I am honored to have been a part of it all. I see members working their hardest because they want to be better and want to do the best they can for themselves and the rest of the group.

eNVision members come from several high schools in the area as well as the University and Community College, so they are able to interact with people outside of their normal group at school. I have seen friendships made despite school affiliation or age group. They support each other both at rehearsals and in life. At a recent marching band competition, I saw several eNVision members taking, and helping each other with uniform parts despite coming from different schools and competing against each other. It was nice to see the unity and support they gave despite school rivalries." - Marie Tully

"I produce an event for the month-long arts festival that takes place in downtown Reno during the month of July called Artown.

My event is called Compression! Art and Fire and 2012 will be its 5th year in existence.
For three of those years, the talented performers and management of eNVision Performing Arts have been an integral part of our festival. They bring a unique and exciting show to our day time audience, we have been blessed to have been able to collaborate with them on joint performance pieces, and their management and professionalism both before, during and after the show makes this group world class!

They have participated in events outside the festival, and they came to our attention because someone saw them perform at a UNR basketball halftime show, where they also wow'd the crowd. They have additionally helped us promote our event by showing up before 5am to do a live TV remote.

Their dedication and commitment to excellence in all they do is teaching valuable lifelong skills to those participating and furthering the art of percussion!" -Gemini

"This organization has given me and many others the opportunity to perform in something we love and volunteer in our community. It has given me the best experiences of my life, and an amazing extended family." -Sarah Kimple