Donation Drive - Keep eNVision in the Community!

Fundraising Updates

Today Reno is competing to be Razoo's most generous city. And eNVision is the representing Reno in this competition.The top ten cities/causes that win Twive and Receive will be donned America’s Most Generous Cities (at least in our eyes). We hope to be one of them!
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Elementary Clinic PhotoWe know all we have been doing is asking and begging for help for the last year...and in our biggest time of need last summer, Reno responded and we raised $18,000 of the needed $30,000 in 12 weeks. We took out a loan on the rest and are in need to pay that off so we can really be around for good!

World Championships PhotoSince last summer, eNVision again represented Reno at the World Championships and continues to be ranked as a top 10 ensemble (in fact, we were in the top 5 this year!). In April, 37 members burned up the floor finals night and moved up 6 spots to finish 4th in the country. We were also voted the Fans' Favorite ensemble for the second year in a row!

Once our equipment loan is paid off we can continue to expand the program to attract more members from all over the country to come to Reno while also expanding the effect of our roots here at home.Nevada Basketball Photo

To find out more information on this fundraiser or to donate, please visit our fundraising page by clicking here. Please help keep eNVision performing throughout our community!