2009 August/September Newsletter

Updates & Recent News

eNVision is proud to announce their new sponsor Planet Waves! Planet Waveswill provide eNVision with state-of-the-art cabling for all our electronic needs.

Director Aaron Hines is now an endorsed Artist with Innovative Percussion Sticks & Mallets, Evans Drumheads & Sabian Cymbals.

eNVision would like to thank Controlled Burn for sharing their stage with eNVision at the HUGE ARTown event on July 25th.The members of eNVision did a great job at this performance!

A view from the performers and a look at our history...

eNVision Performing Arts took a step forward this past summer:changing, moving, evolving and shaping from what was EDGE to what we are now, a much more involved and innovative performing ensemble.


This past summer, eNVision Performing Arts presented an exciting and adventurous, circus-like show entitled ???AMUSEment???.Although the entire ensemble only had three performances, the impact they made on our community was truly astounding.Not only was eNVision Performing Arts able to perform at a new venue for ARTown, located on the campus of the University of Nevada, they had the opportunity to collaborate with the group Compression, a performance which was attended by several thousand people. At this performance, eNVision and Director Aaron Hines were commissioned to design a piece to kick off the FIRST EVER public viewing of the "Towers of Shiva", five 15' tall fire cannons that shoot fire in 3 directions.

Jessica Bera, 14 (pictured to the right), who is currently a high school student at Spanish Springs, has participated in eNVision???s summer program for the past two years.This young tenor player was eager for the opportunity to not only have fun, but to learn a great deal about music in order to continue to perfect her art.


Another female percussionist, who happens to also be a dancer, is Elizabeth Cruz (pictured below). Currently a student at the University of Nevada, Elizabeth was previously taught by Director Aaron Hines during her middle and high school years in California.According to Elizabeth, ???Music has always been a passion of mine, especially percussion.???

Like Jessica and Elizabeth, all of our talented and bright students contribute to our program, and help it to thrive. ???There aren???t very many groups that include everyone in all aspects of this activity...not only do you learn how to read music, but you learn self discipline, team work and how to perform,??? says Elizabeth.

???AMUSEment??? took eNVision to the next level this past summer and our audiences are excited to see what we will be doing next. Catch us next summer and in the meantime, be sure to check out eNVision???s Percussion Theatre.

Story by Nicole da Roza

From the director and a look to the future...

Now that we have two years under the belt of eNVision, there are many exciting plans for our future!Our upcoming indoor season promises to be one to remember, with many exciting plans in the works.We will continue to build on the foundation of success that has brought us to where we are, and keep working together within our community, and with our dedicated members and staff to ensure that we keep moving forward in a positive and inviting atmosphere.

If you are interested in being a part of the nationally ranked indoorpercussion ensemble eNVision, please take a moment to read the flyer below.Additonal information, including music for auditions may be found at www.eNVisionArts.org .