2009 May Newsletter


Another season of EDGE is upon us. eNVision is proud to announce their 2009 summer production entitled "AMUSEment" - a funfilled show inspired by the Paradise Pier & California Adventure theme park. 29 percussion, 15 brass and 7 dancers/guard make up the biggest cast to date. Check eNVisionArts.org for the performance schedule. This summer promises to be fun for the entire family!


As always, eNVision is trying to find ways to fundraise in this economy that will not cost anything to our members & supporters. Earlier this month, we started another push on GoodSearch & GoodShop.

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

eNVision is proud to announce their newest program, eScrip.

 The eScrip program works with merchant partners to contribute to groups like ours each time you shop - at no cost to you!

1. Go to escrip.com

2. Click on "sign-up"

3. Follow the instructions to register your grocery cards and your existing credit/debit cards.

It's quick, easy & FREE!

You can also shop at the eScrip Online Mall or get an eScrip VISA! Click the eScrip banner to learn more!

eNVision joined the eScrip Recycling Program. This program is FREE
helps raise funds for our organization by recycling laser, inkjet cartridges, used cell phones, iPods and laptops. You can drop off your recyclable cell phones, cartridges, iPods and laptops whenever it???s convenient for you at any eNVision event, performance or rehearsal. Periodically, eNVision will mail the items collected to the eScrip Recycling offices. eScrip Recycling will then deposit funds electronically in our organizations account! Please click the eScrip Recycling banner to learn more!

The members side of things...

Story by recent Age-out and newest staff member, Kevin Wilfon:

 My story with eNVision goes back to the fall when I met the Director Aaron Hines. He came out to one of my rehearsals at Reed High school where I teach to help out. At this point I had planned on not marching anywhere for the winter season. During that practice, Aaron asked me if I wanted to come out and help with eNVision. I though about it for a while and then asked if I could play with the group. I have been playing the quads for about 8 years now and I just couldn???t give up my last season to ever play. One thing that drew me to eNVision was that it is in my hometown. I have always traveled to different cities to practice and perform, so this was my last opportunity to perform in my city and help bring up music in the area. I had to do it!

Throughout the season there were a lot of ups and downs with members and staff.  But that???s what it takes to become that family that we ended up being. I think a turning point in our season was at our first show, the UNR Sierra Silks Showcase. We had just finished the show the weekend prior to the competition and we all felt like we were nowhere near ready. I remember the rehearsal before the show, the closer was falling apart and everyone was so stressed out. But when we took the floor, we had an amazing show (well it didn???t fall apart). The crowd loved our show! I have never had an audience react in that sort of a way. This was the first time we all truly realized what we were doing for the community, the program and for ourselves. This was also what really brought us together as a family to pursue the goal we had; which was to make finals at the WGI World Championships.

By the time we made to finals, we had been practicing for almost six months (with five competitions and numerous other performances here in our hometown and California).  We were burned out but that didn???t matter, we had a job to do. During our rehearsals in Dayton, we really found a connection in the group. I don???t know how but the snare line and the rest of the group all clicked and we were having great rehearsals. I think it was because of what we were representing, our city.

All of the members are from Reno and this was the first time since high school I was a part of something like this. This set us up so well for prelims and we went out there and had an awesome show! We all knew that it was a good show but weren???t sure if we made finals yet. After the show, we didn???t know if we needed to pack our equipment to go home or for rehearsal the next day. Finally Aaron came up to the group and said, ???Pack the truck, guys ??????.. Because were going to finals!??? and we all went crazy.  That was a memorable moment to know that we had accomplished our goal. We then took the floor for finals and had another great show to end the season on the right note! I am so proud of the members in eNVision. They are all from Reno and some of them are so young (the youngest independent percussion I???ve ever been a part of) and we still all pulled it together and really showed what eNVision, its staff and this community can accomplish.  I think this was a great year for the future of the program to continue the strive for excellence and devotion in the percussion activity for years to come. I am so honored to be apart of it!        


First off, I would like to congratulate Kevin Wilfon on a fitting end to his marching career. He was a HUGE part of our success this past Winter season! Next I would like to thank everyone who has assisted with the tremendous growth this organization has seen in such a SHORT amount of time! The Board of Directors and Staff have all volunteered a tremendous amount of time for support, design and instruction to make this organization an elite experience for past, present and future members!

Now eNVision looks for stability and ways to ensure we are around for years to come. And our most urgent and serious need is to have our own equipment. Each season, we rely on others to loan and rent equipment to us. As a result, this is limiting the amount of performances we can accept as well as the amount of membership we can accept each season.

Our organization has performed a part of Artown, Division 1 & NBA Basketball games and even taken our Percussion Theatre to the WGI World Championships where they placed 7th in the World! We give unique and exciting experiences to percussionists, dancers, color guard and are now expanding into BRASS! Our hope is that members that come through our program will apply what they learn to their entire lives; other music programs, jobs and life.

Utilizing the free and easy fundraising opportunities mentioned above is a great opportunity to help us achieve our goals and ensure the longevity of this organization. We also book gigs for our Entertainment group and are always looking for new corporate and business sponsors.

Thank you again for taking the time to invest in this organization and members. We truly hope to continue having a positive impact on this community!


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