Our Wish List

The amount of members eNVision can accept and frequency of how we can serve/perform for our community is being hindered by the amount of equipment we have. Below is a list of the necessary equipment to ensure our organization can continue giving these unique opportunities to as many future youth in our area as possible (and the cost). No donation towards equipment is too small. Please click the PayPal button to donate or click here to contact our Director if you can assist us in any way or have any questions.


(1) Apple iPad (2nd or 3rd generation needed to use in our electronics set-up)

(1) Apple Laptop Computer (minimum 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 and 8 GB memory needed to use in our electronics set-up and for day-to-day operations for eNVision)

(2) 4 1/3 Octave Marimba - $5,000 each

(2) 3 Octave Vibraphone - $4,500 each

(1) 3.3 Octave Bells - $2,200

(1) Sabian High Octave Crotoles - $1,500

(1) Marching Percussion Floor - $4,200

Color Guard

(1) Color Guard Floor - $4,200


(1) Floor Tarp - $2,200

(1) Sound System

(1) Apple iPad

(1) Apple Laptop Computer